Ecco Domani Pinot Noir

Ecco Domani Pinot Noir

Complement Your Pasta

If you are looking for a red wine that will complement your pasta, Ecco Domani Pinot Noir is worth your time.  It is a wine that is made in Italy and sold in liquor stores at a reasonable price. It is made from ripe Pinot Noir grapes that are harvested in the month of September. This wine is semi-bitter, but goes down smooth.  From the second you remove the cork to let it air out, you will smell the cherry aromas that are sure to stimulate your senses and make your imagination run wild.  The flavor of this wine is predominately blackberry, so if you love hints of berry, then this is an excellent option. 

This particular Pinot Noir is a bit stronger than others that I have had.  It is 13% alcohol, so depending on how big your cup is, or how much you fill it, you may only want to have one glass.  I know that I was feeling the effects after 1 glass and I tend to have a slightly higher tolerance for wine.  Aside from the strength of the wine, I found it to be refreshing and different than any other Pinot Noir I have ever had.  It was much less bitter than what I am used to, which was a pleasant surprise.

Whether you are sitting to relax at night after a long day or want something new and tasty to enhance your dinner, then this wine is perfect.  Just be sure to leave it out at room temperature because chilling this wine does nothing good for its flavor.  Considering this, you may want to share a bottle with another person or two since it is so strong. 

Ecco Domani makes a variety of wines, mostly reds, but this one is by far a favorite among consumers and myself.  Out of a possible 10 stars, I give it an 8 because of its strength.  I prefer to enjoy more than one glass of wine without getting drunk, but it is simply not possible with this Pinot; at least not for me.