Ever Worried About those Red Wine Stains?

Ever Worried About those Red Wine Stains?

Here's How to Get Rid of Them...

With the holiday season still happening, there’s nothing like a complimentary red wine to have with some hors d’oeuvres. Red wine is one of the top things that most people worry about staining their teeth, however, there are ways to avoid the staining.

Drink white wine or seltzer

If you’ve just had a glass of the red, take a minute to change it up and sip on some white wine or some seltzer. These can help to sop up some of the stains that red wine might leave.

Use lip-gloss

Yeah, it’s great to look your best at a holiday party by wearing some chic lipstick, but instead, mix it up and do some dramatic eye with a nude-type lip. If you use a lightly colored lip-gloss and reapply it with each glass of red wine, it will act as a barrier since most glosses are petroleum based.

Brush your teeth before dinner

If you have plaque on your teeth, you should try to remove it before you go out and drink some red wine. You can avoid this by brushing your teeth prior to drinking red wine.

Wipe away the tannins

Red wine, as we all know is full of tannins, so in order to avoid keeping them on your teeth, try wiping them off with wine wipes that can work to clean up your smile and keep your whites…white.

Eat cheese

This is just a great excuse to indulge and it’s easy usually to get hold of this at any holiday party since it’s usually out with some crackers. Cheese helps in coating teeth with calcium to prevent discoloration, keep in mind though that hard cheeses work best.

Don’t brush teeth after drinking

It’s been advised by dentists not to brush immediately after drinking red-wine, because of the high acidity of the wine, which renders teeth sensitive to abrasion. If you brush your teeth too soon, there is a risk of damaging the enamel.