My experience at Castello di Amorosa

My experience at Castello di Amorosa

Wine tasting in a castle

Honestly, I am not much of a wine person.  I’ve only drank wine a handful of times in my life.  However, when I visited Napa Valley last fall, I made it one of my priorities to at least do one wine tasting.  After having done my research prior to the visit, I have decided that I was going to do my first ever wine tasting at Castello di Amorosa.

Why Castello di Amorosa?  I figured even if I did not enjoy the wine, I would at least have fun touring the castle there.  Plus I had always like to take a lot of pictures whenever I went somewhere new, and having a castle as a backdrop sounded pretty cool to me.

In the end, Castello di Amorosa did not disappoint me.  I thought the place looked spectacular, and I had many pictures taken during the time that I was there.  At Castello di Amorosa, you can opt to go on a guided tour.  I personally chose not to go on this tour because I like to go at my own pace.  Going on the tour would allow you to hear more about what the different rooms of the castle would be used for if it was in fact a real castle.  I did not feel the need to know.

What about the actual wine tasting?  I liked it.  Everything was on the sweet side.  So if you don’t like your wine sweet, you probably would be better off skipping the wine tasting at Castello di Amorosa.