Red Cat Finger Lakes Wine

Red Cat Finger Lakes Wine

A Must-Try Red WIne

Do you prefer your red wines to be on the sweeter side?  Red Cat Finger Lakes Wine is unlike any red wine I have ever had.  It is a definite red with the sweet taste of a blush, which is a nice change of pace from the typical bitter tasting reds. 

It is made by Hazlitt 1852 Vineyards, which is located on the Eastern Shore of Seneca Lake in the Finger Lakes Region, making it a domestic wine.  It can be easily located in the "domestic" wine section of your state store.  It has a fun, fruity taste that is sure to suit the taste buds of experienced and inexperienced wine conoisseurs.  It goes well with just about any food, ranging from steak to chicken wings. 

I had this wine last night with some pepperoni and cheese while I kicked back and watched TV.  It is 11% alcohol by volume, which is not too strong, but is not weak either.  I ended up getting a small buzz after a couple of larger size glasses.  This particular brand is affordable compared to some fancier wines with just as good of a taste.  It came up to approximately $13 for a regular sized bottle.  It did not appear to be available in a larger bottle.

If you are thinking about having a get together or need a wine that everyone will love at a holiday dinner, then do not hesitate to buy a bottle or two of the Red Cat Finger Lakes Wine.  If you have ever had "Sweet Red", which is made by Sutter Home, among a few others, then this wine is comparable; however, only a bit tastier, in my opinion. 

Now get yourself out to the liquor store and try something new! Buy some Red Cat for this weekend.