Space Wine Made From Real Meteorite

Space Wine Made From Real Meteorite

Winery in Chile producing bottles of meteorite-aged vino

Are you the type to seek out unusual and exotic ingredients in your drinking? Are earthbound grapes just not enough for you anymore? Do you want to imbibe the essence of space itself? One astronomer and vineyard owner might have just the thing for you. He's been working on his own specialty vino, and it's unlike anything else on this planet. Each bottle is aged with the dust of a meteorite estimated to be about 4.5 billion years old. 

Ian Hutcheon, an Englishman residing and working in Chile, might well be living a dual dream. He not only opened his own observatory, the Centro Astronomica Tagua Tagua, but he also owns and operates a vineyard in Cachapoal Valley. He's dedicated his life to two passions; wine and space. And now he's started combining the two in one bottle.

To make his Meteorito wine, Hutcheon uses a little bit of dust from a rock that crashed into the Atacama Desert about 6,000 years ago. I have no idea how space dust affects the taste of your typical red, but I'd wager that most of the excitement of tasting the wine is just the novelty of knowing there's extraterrestrial matter in there. 

If you'd like to try a glass of Meteorito for yourself, better be prepared for a long trip to the retailer. Hutcheon is currently only selling bottles of the stuff out of his observatory. And not only is Chile probably a trek for many connoisseurs, the wine itself is sure to cost you a pretty penny.