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Six Prong Red Wine, Willamette Valley, WA 2006

Six Prong Red is a

Bordeaux style red table wine, a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah. This fruit-forward table wine is made from grapes sourced from Eastern Washington state's Horse Heaven Hills. They're a Precept Brands winery, now, at least, though it looks like even two years ago they were independent. Six Prong was part of Corus Estates, which merged with Precept in January of this year. In the merger Precept gained Six Prong, Zefina, Alder Ridge, Sawtooth, and Battle Creek wineries. The Baty family owned and operated Corus Estates; Dan Baty is a partial owner of Precept, so the merger makes good business sense. Six Prong Red was the work of award winning winemaker Charlie Hoppes, at least in previous years; Precept is being typically close-mouthed about the current release. The Six Prong 2005 Red Wine was awarded 89 points from The Tasting Panel Magazine in December of 2008, a Silver Medal at the 2008 Seattle Wine Awards, and a Bronze Medal at the 2008 Washington State Wine Competition. Six Prong Red is a blend of Alder Ridge Vineyard grapes, from Washington's Horse Heaven Hills.

The aroma is fruity, with blackberry and cherry, and a hint of coffee. The color is quite lovely; deep red with crimson high lights. On this, our second bottle, we've noticed that the temperature, even more than allowing it time to breathe, makes a noticeable difference in the taste. The blackberry and black cherry notes are prominent, and followed by a lovely bitter chocolate note. This is a 14.2% ABV, and very much in the Bordeaux table wine tradition. We went back for several more bottles since this is a perfect fall barbecue wine, great with steak, or chili or burgers. We purchased this at the Bargain Grocery Store for $2.99; a bargain for a very nice table wine, but I am saddened that one more smaller Washington winery has been gobbled up by Precept.

I just hope Six Prong continues to make good wine.