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Pine and Post Riesling

Pine and Post is a Precept Wine Brands label. This Pine and Post Riesling was an impulse buy at the local Washington State Liquor store's endcap by the register line. We figured we like Washington Riesling and at $4.99, why not?

This was a lovely wine.

This is a wine we'll buy more of. It's a screw-cap bottle, with no date on the label, and thus a "drink it now" wine, but I'm fine with that. It has the definite Washington State Riesling taste; slightly sweet, and, in this case on the dry side, and an ABV of 11%. It's hard to believe that this was just $4.99 at the Washington State Liquor store. It's not the wow-this-is-amazing dry Riesling of Pacific Rim, but this is very much what a semi-dry Washington Riesling is. This is a wine I can afford to buy and give to friends in California and Germany, and say "yes, we do Rieslings in Washington quite nicely. Here's a sample from my state." The label has no date on it which suggests to me that this is a NV, or Non Vintage wine; a wine made from a blend of various vineyard's grapes, from more than one year.

It's not easy to learn much about Pine and Post Riesling, on or offline. Precept is not terribly speedy about updating their Web site; it looks about two years out of date for the most part. It doesn't even list a Pine and Post Riesling; I suspect this was left over stock from the Washington State Liquor Stores Washington Wine month, which, had this been available locally, I would have purchased it; it wasn't, then, but it looks from this list that it should have been.